Hi, I'm Daniel and I live in Barcelona, I've been making websites, applications, games and learning the ins and outs of technology since I can remember. I love learning, teaching what I have learned and approaching projects from an agile vision and from the user's point of view maintaining the quality of the code following the best practices.

Currently, both professionally and personally, I keep myself busy with React.js, Node.js, React Native and cloud technology to offer high performance, scalable and innovative solutions.

I have been working as a programmer and analyst for 9 years in different positions in the public and private sector, I have worked providing technology solutions for universities, banking and the notary sector, performing the roles of Java programmer, analyst and currently full stack where I cover the spectrum of technology needed to develop a complete project by myself. I have led small teams of 2-3 people in short and long term projects.

Intellectually curious and eager to take on new challenges, interested in working in B2B and B2C by leveraging my own development experience, not afraid to take on challenges by paying special attention to details.

I am comfortable working both in a team and also working independently to ensure goals are achieved. I adapt quickly to changes and promote a discourse of constructive criticism that helps team members to continue improving.

I am keen on creating high-quality user experience by working closely with project managers, designers and other engineers.

I love to talk about tech, contact me on

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